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Your Site Survey

Okay, so you signed up for solar and you might be feeling a little like a lost puppy.. I mean what comes next, am I right? It is time we help you find your way to a solar home.

Join us on your Solar Journey, soaring to new heights during the Site-Surveyβ€”akin to Icarus reaching for the sun with solar!

Just as Icarus learned due diligence, we leave no stone unturned, crafting a flawlessly designed solar system.

Let's do this thing! 🌞

Your journey is our priority, and the Site-Survey is where we ensure your solar dreams reach the sky with wisdom and precision.

Accountability, visibility, and your involvement at every step and the site-survey is no different. We begin by coordinating with you or a trusted adult in the home to pick a day(s) and time(s) that our surveyor comes and visits your home.

This phase?

It's about maximizing your solar potential, ensuring peace of mind. Through every step, from Site-Survey onwards, we're here to make this investment count for the long run.

You can expect, the surveyor to be be looking to take photos of your circuit breaker, check the roof, potentially the attic, review the meter outside on your home. ( To ensure it is a smart meter, "what does that mean? .. We can already hear you potentially thinking this and all it means is that it reads power not only one direction but both entering as well as exiting the home.

In solar your home will be producing power and any excess unused will be put on the local electrical grid, to help secure the grid, build a credit with net metering on your account in many instances, and yes you guessed it even power your neighbors!

πŸ” Preliminary Property Assessment

βœ… Initial property assessment: Rest assured, not every site-survey requires major modifications. Often, it's a formality to ensure we're all on the same page.

βœ… Shading and fire-code review: We're just dotting our i's and crossing our t's, maintaining accountability and transparency - We are here to ensure a clean and clear plan for play action for an ultimate healthy and successful project together.

βœ… We check on electrical main circuit, whether any special type of taps like a line-side tap for proper load management for your solar system at this stage

πŸ” Roof Considerations

🏠 As you might expect we review your roof for aging, safety for load concerns, and whether any or all of it might make sense to be included in the solar project.

πŸ“„ * Note: Most cases a re-roof is not a bad thing as when with solar it is often less than purchasing a roof alone and often comes with added peace of mind - We normally see around 1 out 3 or 4 homes looking at solar requiring a new roof to safely go solar.

πŸ” Site-Survey Success

No matter what type of baller or shot caller you are this is an exciting stage as this is when we get together and get the game to kick-off for you and your home for solar! ⚽ 🏈

βœ… On-site: Your comfort is vital as we move towards a full architectural design for your solar project.

βœ… Few Adjustments: In 8 out of 10 cases, no major changes are needed. Any tweaks ensure your solar journey is smooth.

βœ… Future-Proofing: We aim for a design needing minimal adjustments, ensuring a hassle-free installation.

πŸ” Easy Solar Finalization & Moving Ahead

βœ… Proposal Changes: Post-site-survey, we'll provide necessary changes where applicable to review and approve if needed.

βœ… Transparent Communication: We value being in contact and keeping our homeowners informed and understanding that when we track together everything progresses the smoothest for all involved parties.

βœ… Embrace Progress: Often, no major changes are needed. Celebrate progress toward a seamless solar plan.

πŸ” Ongoing Support

At times between stages in the project, we allow for time for communication to make its way between parties and each stage to get worked through to completion.

We seek to keep you informed and consult throughout your path towards solar whenever or wherever decisions need to be made.

πŸ“„ * Note: Do not hesitate to reach out for updates, we appreciate your patience and support in this process as solar is a growing field and we are balancing working to support all our homeowners get the best experience possible.

as this is a construction project and we do work with permitting offices and contract partners.

πŸ” Curious to see your roof's solar potential?

You might be pleasantly surprised to learn what savings may be in store for you. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘‡







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